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We’re a team of experts offering solutions and technical expertise to create appealing and intuitive software applications that exceed client expectations. Help us help your business succeed with technology.

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CET Development

Learn how we can get exposure for your commercial brand like never imagined. CET enables your dealers and salespeople to seamlessly create, customize and quote stunning 3D designs showcasing innovative solutions that are tailored to each customer. CET now boasts over 18,000 users across thousands of some of the largest commercial furniture dealerships.

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App Development

Expogain works tirelessly to curate a global team of intelligent developers and business analysts to build mobile and desktop solutions with a focus on security, agility, adaptability, and user experience. Expogain is ready to help you set off in the right direction at the outset of your project — or help you put together pieces from an existing data source to realize a whole new market.

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API Integration

Connect your Manufacturing, ERP, Supply Chain and other systems to accelerate communication between engineering, manufacturing, and customers for faster order fulfillment and ensure adherence to quality standards. Reduce rework, turnaround time, and overall customer satisfaction and retention.

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Database Management

You have vast amounts of data. We pride ourselves on creating comprehensive data analytics and artificial intelligence solutions to analyze metrics on usage and performance. Complete with its own dashboard and non-invasive integration, our solution is vital for decision makers to evaluate their targets regularly and make well informed day to day business decisions.

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Global Talent Sourcing

Global talent sourcing and recruiting is the process of seeking talent in untapped markets tailored to a specific business-centric and/or cost-centric goal.

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Federal Grant (CDAP)

Do you own a small or medium business in Canada? The Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) offers two grants up to $15,000 that will help you get online and use technology to grow and prosper.

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