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Expogain has a team of experts offering solutions & technical expertise to create appealing and intuitive software applications that we have come to expect. Help us to help your business succeed with technology.


Digital Presence

Eight in ten prospects intend to engage with your company online.

Software Development

Create custom software to align with digital goals. Create a new mobile app.

CET Extensions

Join many others by streamlining your sales & marketing process.

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Can Apps be Created for Both iPhone & Android?

Leveraging modern tech stacks like Ionic and Angular, we can easily create cross-platform mobile apps. This means our development team can work more efficiently, and focus on delivering the experience that your customers expect in today’s fast-paced world.

How Much Does a Website Cost?

To host a webiste and reserve a customized domain you can expect to pay as little as $200. Working with our team of specialists, on average, we estimate an upfront cost of $7,000 plus about $1,000 per year to manage ongoing upgrades, support and uptime. Although it may seem like alot, think of how much time you can save to focus on important business efforts like sales and marketing!

What is CET (formally CET Designer)?

CET is an industry leading platform that is used by dealers in the commercial interiors industry to design spaces of many kinds. CET enables dealers to visualize products, quote projects, and place orders all in one place, almost entirely independently without the assistance of a salesperson – freeing up valuable resources.

What is Expogain Analytics for CET?

Expogain Analytics is a universal out-of-the-box analytics dashboard integrated with CET to allow your organization to collect detailed usage trends from users as they go about their daily specification process, enabling manufacturers to learn more about how products are used and what is most likely to be ordered.

How can Expogain help me? Where do I start?

It is very important to start off by clearly defining your target audience and customer base. With technology, you can be surprisingly accurate in the ways that you distribute commercial content. Once you’ve done this – we’d love to hear from you!

What is Paid vs. Organic advertising?

Paid and organic marketing are different ways of making your way to the top. Organic may be cheaper, but it takes time to rank higher in the eyes of the internet. Using Paid strategies can bootstrap your online presence in as little as a day!

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