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Our people, their communities, and our customers come first. Expogain has adapted, evolved, and grown to deliver customized solutions that actually produce results.

We’re a software development solutions agency with a unique focus on providing customers with tangible results in an affordable manner. Our strategic partnerships and strict hiring practices allow us to provide solutions like no other. Our experienced, strategic native and cross-platform software developers, designers, and project managers can help you truly connect with users. Our agile deployment strategy using an iterative concept lets us turn your idea into a very effective productivity or marketing tool for your business. Expogain can work with a blank slate or existing data sources to realize efficiencies that ensure your precious resources are spent on more important tasks.

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We started crafting awesome experiences in 2018.

Founded in May 2018 by Sam Halloran in Barrie, Canada, Expogain was formed and immediately partnered with Configura to support their growing ecosystem of furniture manufacturers. Actively working with groups in the industry we promptly began developing and supporting Configura CET extensions for various manufacturers on a smaller scale. With our project management and technical expertise, we decided to expand into mobile app development by hiring our first full-time employee who specialized in emerging tech stacks and web-based applications. With access to talent in mind, Expogain established its first cross-functional leadership team and began its expansion into Asia in the middle of 2021. This stronger grasp allowed us to establish more consistent talent recruitment, project management, requirements discovery, and customer service. Today we are a large team comprised of programmers, architects, quality analysts, and strategic leadership. Today, with the help of our loyal and dedicated team, we serve various industries with custom solutions that meet ever changing needs. With a focus on efficiency, standardization and forward-thinking, many of our projects are completed within a handful of weeks. Whether you have an idea on a napkin or need to expand and existing development team, Expogain can help.

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Our leadership team consists of our founder and key members from our early growth stages. The team is established around key pillars of Quality, Customer Service, Business Intelligence, and Research & Development.

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Wanlin Chee

Director of Sales

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Robert Van Ark

Lead Programmer/Development Manager

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Nvi Mai

Advisor, Research and Innovation

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Daryl Ho

Senior Application Architect

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