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BuzziSpace is a commercial furniture manufacturer that offers acoustic solutions, lighting, and furniture for the workspace. Their main focus is to create happy and healthy workspaces by reducing excessive noise to improve employees' well-being and job satisfaction. BuzziSpace’s fun, contemporary, and practical products are made with recycled and recyclable materials, and they aim to create a sustainable future by investing in handcrafting durable products with high-quality materials. The company has been recognized with numerous international design awards, and they have a global network of showrooms, design support, customer service, and manufacturing. They have over 14 years of experience in designing effective and functional solutions with a focus on craftsmanship and sustainable materials.

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Founded in 2007 and operated out of Antwerp, Belgium, BuzziSpace embarked on a journey to produce effective and high-quality acoustic solutions, lighting, and furniture for the ever-changing workspace that are both functional and inspiring. With a focus on happy and healthy workspace, well-being became a driving force to enable people to reduce stress and thrive better in their working environments. In 2012, with a fundamental comprehension and connection to the commercial market, BuzziSpace sought to expand into the United States by incorporating digital strategies.


Expogain provides numerous technology solutions to clients around the world and is uniquely positioned to provide advisory and custom development services tailored directly to specific requirements. We partnered closely with BuzziSpace create, update, and release their diverse library of product portfolios into the Configura CET Designer platform. As a result, a substantial market of over 20,000 CET Designer users was now attainable and serviceable. Today, the BuzziSpace CET extension has been available for over 5 years, and proudly serves thousands of designers across thousands of world-renowned interior design projects.

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