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Blur international time zones and break down borders. Expand your team globally, employing our successful expansion already proven in Canada, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

Outsourcing internal staff globally can be a strategic decision that can provide a number of potential benefits. Further to the simple idea of cost savings, outsourcing to different regions can provide access to a wider pool of talented and specialized workers, which can bring specialized skills that the may not be available locally. This can realize broader efficiencies, as internal staff can focus on their core competencies and tasks that are more critical to the business. Moreover, outsourcing can also allow access to new markets and customer bases, which can be a great opportunity for companies to expand their availability for time-sensitive operations and service level commitments. Its imperative to keep in mind that successful outsourcing requires careful planning, management, and communication. Expogain has established strict and rigid recruiting and management processes to ensure effective communication, requirements analysis, and accurate delivery. Expogain currently has established workforces in Canada, Malaysia, and Vietnam ensuring that the acquired talent is agile, adaptable, and provides a memorable customer experience when required. Whether a company is starting a new project or looking to augment an existing workforce, we have the tools you need to succeed.

What we do

Global talent sourcing and recruiting is the process of seeking talent in untapped markets tailored to a specific business-centric and/or cost-centric goal.

Our team’s expertise is broad but remains focused. With the help of internal and external expertise, we’ve designed effective and fruitful recruiting procedures. As a technology driven firm, we provide technical consulting to overcome challenges, crush roadblocks, and maintain momentum.

International Reach
  • Canada payroll
  • Malaysia payroll
  • Vietnam payroll
  • Global mobility
HR Management
  • Unbiased negotiations
  • Payroll tax compliance
  • Employee engagement
  • Technical interviews
Strategic Advisory
  • Job functions
  • Educational landscape
  • Labour & working standards
  • Regulatory hurdles

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Building the right global team can be daunting. It involves thoughtful choices about job specifications, coherent English comprehension, deep knowledge of the market, and effective employment of qualified talent. It requires the right team putting their passion and experience to work. We play the role of your trusted partner in this journey.


We take inventory of qualifications, and translate them into an actionable set of skills, establishing a professional and attractive offering. Considering the targeted job market, calculate a salary and benefit package that is aligned with local expectations and conducive to cost-of-living.


We identify and attract potential candidates through various recruitment methods, such as job postings, resume database searches, and locally established recruitment agencies. In this stage, we begin light outreach to potentially qualified applicants.


Vetting is the process of thoroughly checking and verifying the background, qualifications, and suitability of a person for a particular role or position. The goal of vetting is to identify any potential risks and ability to perform the role effectively and in a trustworthy manner.


Job offers are extended to successful candidate(s) and final details are ironed out, including salary and benefits. Once an offer is extended, legally binding contracts and salaries are negotiated in the legal structure and currency of the targeted outsourcing market.


What exactly is Global Talent Sourcing?

Global talent outsourcing refers to the practice of a company outsourcing certain tasks or functions to individuals or teams located in different countries around the world. This can include a wide range of tasks such as data entry, business analysis, customer service, software development, and much more. Companies may choose to outsource certain tasks to take advantage of cost savings, access to specialized skills, increased efficiency, flexibility, and penetration into new markets with visibility of an established footprint.

Why should I care about Global Talent Sourcing?

When a company outsources some of its work to other countries, it can save money on labor costs and have access to a wider pool of talented and specialized workers. This can make the company more efficient and flexible, and allow it to enter new markets and stay competitive. Outsourcing also allows work to be done 24/7 and can be a cost-effective solution for companies.

How does Expogain help?

Expogain collaborates as a trusted recruitment and payroll compliance partner to eliminate tedious busy-work, provide cost savings, access to larger and more astute talent pools, specialized expertise, faster development times, flexible working hours and scalability. We help your internal and external business stakeholders to carefully evaluate your options and perform user validation to ensure the right investments are made and your north star is achievable.

How can I work with Expogain?

As a custom software developer, Expogain is uniquely positioned with experience developing all kinds of software solutions. Brands work with us to implement new strategies, improve technology and develop entirely new solutions. Whether you have a simple idea on a napkin or need to expand your existing workforce, we can provide the talent you need.

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Additional Services

We offer a number of digital services to help get the result you want.

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App Development

Expogain works tirelessly to curate a global team of intelligent developers and business analysts to build mobile and desktop solutions with a focus on security, agility, adaptability, and user experience. Expogain is ready to help you set off in the right direction at the outset of your project — or help you put together pieces from an existing data source to realize a whole new market.

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