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Expogain Analytics

Similar to analytics solutions for the web, Expogain’s integration with CET allows CET extension owners to collect detailed usage trends from users and designers as they go about their daily specification process. Gather insights on a regular basis to build a complete picture of the initial decisions made by dealers well before the order is actually placed. Our solution allows manufacturers to paint a more detailed picture of the sales and marketing process from beginning to end, and measure overall performance of the organization, distinct product lines, and product variations. Being in the industry for a while has taught us that implementing products and services on the platform can be very costly. In 2019, we sought to better support decision making processes in areas of resource allocation and customer service – by creating Expogain Analytics.

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Currently, CET does not offer a standardized method of collecting and analyzing user metrics, and Expogain Analytics aims to fill this gap by providing a standardized analytics platform for manufacturers on CET. The problem with CET not having analytics is that organizations investing in CET extensions cannot gather insights on usage trends from users, paint a detailed picture of their overall ROI. This makes it difficult for these organizations to make informed decisions in areas of resource allocation, marketing, customer service, and production planning.


Expogain Analytics is a platform that integrates directly with Configura's CET software. It is a standardized analytics platform that helps manufacturers in the Commercial Furniture and Material Handling industries collect and analyze user metrics and provides insights into the sales and marketing process. The upgraded dashboard provides real-time and historical metrics, user engagement, and marketing tools. It helps organizations better allocate resources, improve customer service, and evaluate the performance of product lines. Expogain Analytics provides data for product popularity, trend analysis, marketing prioritization, brand awareness, rate of conversion, and resource allocation.

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